Beaver CNC HDZero CNC

More documentation, full build log, BOM and instructions will be posted in the Community area. Please read this before buying.


Please note this is offered with 2 options:


  • The Frame Kit with Proximity Switch Kit & 80mm Precision Milled Spindle Mount (No HDZ)
  • The above with a HDZ axis


As time goes on people outgrow their machines and either need more power or a bigger size. If you own a Shapeoko you can only go to a XXL. However a number of people want bigger and more powerful machines, and if you have a HDZ it seems a real shame to chuck it in when you want to upgrade your machine... What if this could be put onto a new machine whilst keeping the stock electronics, giving you one of the strongest and most versatile CNC routers on the market.


We started this journey with the Beaver Pro and a few folk asked if they could use their Shapeoko electronics with the Beaver Pro but it wasn't possible due to the sheer size of the thing. This is a second take on the Beaver Pro frame kit, but more consumer and hobbyist friendly. It's more sensible and has a number of features pulled from the Beaver Pro. 


That's not to say we're discontinuing the Beaver Pro but the HDZero CNC. This is more suited to people who are looking for a stronger, faster CNC and already own a HDZ, shapeoko or Openbuilds style machine as opposed to building a whole new one.


Designed as a DIY Upgrade Kit, we have written up a full BOM and negotiated some great deals for ball screws/sliders/rails etc that allow us to deliver this a reasonably priced upgrade. We provide the core compenents and design for you to build yours out the box with a handful of stock compoents.


This kit is for the plates, specialist parts and bearings that we design and make. Ball screws/sliders/extrusion will all need to be ordered separtly and details can be found in the BOM.


Tag that in with some readily available extrusion and we're making chips! This kit is fully supported by ourselves!


I can't count the amount of people who have asked for Shapeoko Linear Rail kit. Here is my take on it!


Approximate total build cost on the 1000mm model is around $1000. Note this assumes you have exising electronics, HDZ and router. More details of the frame kit, what you need and how to build it can be found in the Community area of this site. You will need to sign up to view things like the BOM.


Here are some of the high level features:


  • Dual X Rail for added strength

  • Built around 15mm Linear Sliders and Rails

  • Custom designed, serviceable and machined ball screws - no leads screws here!

  • Three stock sizes available, 600mm, 1000mm and 1500mm (these can be mixed and matched for a custom machine i.e. 1000x1500. We can also help design custom sizes. Approximate work space is as follows:  600mm - 420x460, 1000mm 820 x 860, 1500 1320x1360. Note this is based on an 80mm spindle, if you use a smaller spindle workspace increases on X by up to 80mm.

  • 142mm of Z clearance 

  • Supports Nema 23 motors 

  • Fully compatible with existing HDZ *Required*

  • Compatible with your existing router

  • Compatible with your existing electronics 

  • Expandable - you can add and expand on the kit as your experience grows. You can also upgrade and expand your kit at a later date

  • Easy to build


With this upgrade it means you can make the move to a semi professional machine without the cost or moving away from the platform we all know and love!


Some people will ask why use C-Beam? After trialing it on the Beaver Pro I can't get over how strong it is, don't forget on each axis is either 1 or 2 x15mm steel rails! 


More documentation, full build log, BOM and instructions will be posted in the Community area.