Fitting the Suckit Dustboot supports to the HDZ

Updated: May 18, 2019

You have the option of using a Suckit dust boot with the Beaver HDZ.

For you to do this, you need to a Suckit dust boot and Beaver Low profiles arms - to order them please see the suckit website or email If you don't have a Suckit dustboot you can order the full kit with these.

If you are fitting the Suckit you will need to fit the HDZ supports, also referred to as "ears".

Note when fitting the Suckit mounts you will need to move the X axis limit switch to the two 2 central holes on the ear. If you are using the proximity sensor kit, you need to align the x axis switch so it triggers from the EAR - not the HDZ main body.

On the latest version of the suckit ears there are two positions.

Standard 1.5kw spindle/Dewalt/Makita

For those who have larger spindles i.e. 2,2kw 80mm you use the outer holes. Note for the larger spindles you will need the spacer kit from suckit.

Notes for earlier buyers - pre August 2018.

Please see attached diagram for all HDZ's shipped before August 2018. You will have one large arm and one small arm. On HDZ orders after August 01 additional mounting holes have been added allowing you to use two small mounts.

Note on August 20th we revised these designs to accommodate both Dewalt/Makita and 2.2kw Spindles. If you are running a 2.2kw Spindle your brackets need to be mounted on the further holes.

Any who wants the design files can download these from the below links:

The Large Mount

The Small Mount

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