Aug 16

Good Quality Laser


I would like a recommendation on a good quality & powerful enough laser attachment. I'm currently running a water-cooled 80mm 2.2KW spindle using Mr. Beaver's HDZ. Sincerely appreciate your recommendation .

Aug 18

It really depends what you are looking to do with it?

Good quality engraving on wood/acrylic/aluminum.

Aug 18

The Chinese 15w version should work. Not sure they will engrave aluminium mind. Might be possible if it was anodised or blackened.

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  • I'm finally going thru the install of my install of the Shapeko 3 XXL with the HDZ and the limit switches I bought. I cant find a clear picture of anyones else's setup of the back of the machine . I want to see how the wire is run for the 3 limit switches. I cant seem to get a full sized pic on the internet at all. Also , how did everyone run the wire from the switches....I'm assuming thru the plastic chain harness ? not sure
  • I returned the 110Volts Spindle Kit & got this replacement yesterday. I’m having fun installing it as we speak. I’m running a 100ft wire from my dryer’s 220 volts outlet in my basement to my workroom. Cannot wait to have it up & running. I’m using a closed cooling loop which has an Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 560mm radiator, cooled by 4x140mm FANS.
  • Hello everybody, I recently found your HDZ on the Carbide 3D website and am very interested in it. Thereupon I tried to find a shop in Europe and ended up here. Unfortunately I had to find out that the Beaver HDZ is no longer in stock. My question is now: will it come back or will it only be distributed by Carbide3D from now on? I would rather order from Europe to save on customs and taxes. Thanks for your replies :)