Jan 1

A quick look at the Zero2 Probe



Just demonstrating the hole finding macros as used in CNCJS

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  • Mr. Beaver, thank you. I received my package yesterday. I've been trying to mount it and wanted to confirm that the right side ear goes under the 2 pins that holds the X limit switch. Is that right?
  • Keep running into issues with the Touch probe. I have the original design with the fat molex plugs that are too wide (possibly the BeaverCNC Zero Probe). The probe consistently fails and sets CNCJS into an Alarm state which requires unlocking. Typically, the probe will begin moving but will fail to complete the first rapid before stalling. Other times, it will work perfectly. I've managed to fry a carbide motion board probing to find sources of noise (faulty meter) and I'm pretty sick of the issues im having now. So far I have tried: Re-routing the probe wires away from the rest of the wiring looms Adding a earth strap to the shapeoko chassis to the mains earth socket Disconnecting all other electronics on the ring mains Fitting a galvanic isolation module between the laptop and the shapeoko Fitting an isolated RS232 module and converters between the laptop and shapeoko Next, I need to try and repair the carbide motion PCB and maybe add decoupling capacitors to the probe lines. Has anyone suffered similarly?
  • Hi, I've played with the corner and hole probe macros and they work really well, thankyou. On the auto tool change macro can you confirm that all I have to edit is the X and Y coordinates for my mounted touch probe and does Cncjs pause at each stage and I have to press the play button on the macro ?